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You can open cab files in windows explorer (windows me, xp), or using 7-zip:
version that does not need installing

For files on SkyDrive, right click and select 'Download'.

Programs update page 

Other site: http://tiny.cc/dbojan

(dbojan.tk, which was free, expired, and .tk wants 8 euro for reg.)


Addreml ver:1.3 (135kb) Add and remove letters from the left /right list side

Asorter ver:1.0 (133kb) Sort files in directories based on their first letter

Batchencoder ver:1.0a 136kb Create batch files for virtualdubmod.

BMID - Batch movie info downloader ver:1.0c 8.2 MB Download poster and imdb page of the movies. And subtitles. (does not work currently.)

Bloodwrite ver:0.9c 1.55MB DVD and CD burning software - frontend for cdrdao, cdrecord and growisofs

Btd ver:3.1b 137kb Shows time and date in title bar of the window. Also can show time in Windows

Boottoolkit v1.2a 1MB Create bootable cd from boot floppy.

Cdpisac   ver:1.5bu 1.31MB Cd burning software - frontend for cdrdao and cdrecord for windows

Close ver:1.5, 366kb Close connection at specified time, (and shutdown computer)

Createframes ver:1.1 132kb Create frames from html files

Create_html_link ver:1.0 121kb Create html link from address in computer memory.

D2 ver:1.3c 231kb DVD/CD-indexing program with search

D3 ver:0.96 590kb DVD/CD-indexing program with search. New version.

Deskmenu ver:1.1 133kb Add shortcuts from the desktop to the startup menu

Desperado ver:1.2a 136kb Shortcuts to all your programs in one place

Encryptor ver:1.1 173kb Encode & decode files and their names.

Fonter ver:1 137kb Change names of the font files to their exact names

Fleerenamer ver:1.1a 135kb Rename files

Gulmencoder3 ver:1.2, 150 MB. Convert video and audio files, create thumbnails, split files, extract audio from video files.
Download file "gulmencoder3.7z".

Gulmencoder ver:1.3/1. 0ld 140kb Gui for mencoder

Guiwget ver:1.1 210kb Small gui for wget

Htmlist ver:1 135kb Create htmlist from filelist

ip update-off the shelf ver:0.98 500kb check external ip, and send it by e-mail or ftp.

Lamegui ver:1.0 121kb Convert wav files to mp3 (gui for Lame) (ogg addon). You'll need lame encoder, too.

Memorie ver:1, 513kb Skinable memorie game

Mplayerrun ver:1.1b 125kb Mplayerrun is gui for playing movies with mplayer

Multiply ver:0.99 63kb Multiply table game. "You know, for the kids." :)  (req. dot.net 2)

Notify ver:1.4b1 124kb Notify in 30 min, or at specific time.

Passw ver:1 135kb Hides your windows until password is entered

Printscreen ver:0.9 233kb Save screenshots.

Reflow ver:1.0 123kb Reflow text

Removemail ver:1.1 562kb Deklete e-mails from server

Scrypter ver:1.2 178kb Protect your passwords and encrypt files+ password generator

Shutdown_menu ver:1.1 121kb Shut down Computer menu, and bat files

Sigger ver:1.1a66 167kb Add tags (quotes)

Stringplayer ver:0.9a 123kb Another sort-of-gui for Mplayer

Tbrowse ver:1.1 135kb Tray Icon menu browser

Txt2htm ver:1.0a, 135kb Simple txt to html conversion

Xcopygui ver:1.0 124kb Xcopy gui

Walp ver:1.1 326kb Change wallpaper after some time

Wintouch ver:1.1 132kb Change date and time of files (c) J-M Tech

Winname ver:1.1 132kb Get window name and mouse coordinates


truecrypt_usb ver:0.95, 2MB. Mount and unmount truecrypt volumes using bat files.

Beta programs:

Divxmen ver:08.c 127kb Convert DVD to Divx

encode2.cab v1.0 148 Kbytes , encode 2

msd.cab v1.0 131 Kbytes , manual subtitle displayer

Remoteblob ver:1.2 494kb Network computer control

wordmaker.cab, 436 Kbytes , create words from 6 letters 

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